Khuram Dhanani Says This Tech Will Takeover 2022

2022 is set to be an amazing year in the books.  With the pandemic receding in most places, economies getting back on track, and people relatively happier than they were for the last two years, it’s set to be a good 365 days, explains Khuram Dhanani. And with the new year, there’s new tech on the horizon. And at the forefront of new things, you have some of the most exciting changes seen in a decade. 

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and this won’t change in the immediate future. Our only objective as a human species should be to harness that technology and help it better our lives, believes Khuram Dhanani. From the advent of the plow with oxen to the advent of quantum computers, technology has been part of human development for centuries. Technology has obviously changed quite a bit in recent years, and one must always be focusing on what is either new or up and coming.

Technology advancements are on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we do business. Just as the plow revolutionized farming thousands of years ago, here are the top trends in 2022.

Data is Everything

Most individuals have seen big data interact in their life one way or another, whether they know it or not. Data is merely statistics and information gathered. What’s new now is the ability to compound huge amounts of data with advanced algorithms, which is referred to as “Big Data.”

Datafication is the process of businesses or enterprises using big data to further their goals. In business, the more information you have, the better you can apply it to help your business. Currently, there are a multitude of platforms available that can both help you gather data as well as crunch the numbers using data processing.

3D Printing Revolution

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that lets you print objects in a 3D format. If you have ever seen an episode of Star Trek, you’ve already seen 3D printing in action. Although in its nascent stages, 3D printing has made gigantic leaps in the technology space as of late.

An example of this can be seen in the rise of modular housing. Modular housing is a system of building of a home where the parts of the home are printed using 3D printing. They are then assembled together, resulting in a much cheaper cost of construction vs. building from the ground up.

Virtual Worlds are Enveloping the Real One

By now, you have seen all of the hype and advertisements about virtual worlds, with virtual cities that sell NFTs for a lot of money. Although not widely used, augmented reality and virtual reality are set to be increasingly useful and popular over the next decade.

The big advantage is the remote working aspect in today’s economy. By having a workspace that exists in VR or AR, Khuram Dhanani imagines people can be present virtually anywhere. For example, a live meeting taking place in New York, with people sitting in a café halfway across the world in Medellin, Colombia.

Safe and Secure is a Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Among the fascinating aspects of the new technology coming out is the concept of digital trust. Digital Trust is when you trust your digital environment as much as your friends and family, and thus that warm, fuzzy feeling. With all of the uncertainty around the world, people need to know that they can trust their data security. The World Economic Forum has recently made it a top priority for tackling some of these problems in 2022.

Trust in a digital environment is as important these days, as trust in friends and family. Have people trust your platform, and you will be much better off.