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There’s a new tech accessory called the iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone, and it’s gaining some attention on Kickstarter. The iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone is a really cool-looking product designed to turn your iPhone into a GoPro.

The idea behind the device is that a lot of people who may consider buying a GoPro camera already have a HD camera in their pockets – their iPhones – they just don’t have a way of mounting it or capturing that full field of view that the GoPro provides. The iXtreme aims to solve both those problems by providing rugged protection for your phone, as well as enhanced photography with a wide-angle lens – perfect for extreme sports settings

iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone

Here’s a blurb about the product from the Kickstarter page:

“iXtreme is a mountable and waterproof case for iPhone 5 with interchangeable lenses. It gives your iPhone the characteristics of a GoPro, and much more…

This all started on a ski trip in January, 2011 when trying to make snowboard action video with an iPhone. To say that didn’t go well would be an understatement. The phone was destroyed and we came home with very narrow-angle video that didn’t come close to capturing a perfect day.

Then the sketching and researching started, followed by a patent search. Work began with a very talented industrial designer and filing patents. Since then we have been refining, testing, and searching for the right company to make iXtreme. All of that has come together, slowly. What iXtreme needs now is you. If you want to make awesome wide-angle photos and videos, but have struggled with paying $400 for a camera that will spend most days in a drawer…iXtreme is your case. With your help, iXtreme will be shipping very soon and you will be the first to get it!”

The product is currently campaigning on Kickstarter and the developers are running simultaneous Facebook, Google, and Twitter campaigns.

If you want in, you an pledge $50 and get an iXtreme 2.0 for iPhone 5. Each kit will include a chest harness, tripod adapter, 0° X-Clip Adapter, and 90° X-Clip Adapter. This is tremendous value for a case that will retail for $120.

This Kickstarter campaign runs through May 1, 2014. Check out the other products from iXtreme here.