If there’s one thing I hate in this world it’s the inconvenience of passwords; I have to remember a billion different phrases and they’re not all that secure. So when I have to enter a password to unlock my Mac, it frustrates me. That’s why a new App called Knock can potentially eliminate all this.

Launching today for $3.99, Knock allows a Mac to be unlocked by just knocking or tapping on a paired phone. The pairing uses Bluetooth LE allowing a phone to automatically detect when it comes in the proximity of a paired computer.

The device doesn’t even have to be in your hand and can still tapped or knocked through your trouser pocket to unlock your Mac.

When quitting Knock however, the devices seemed to lose the pairing, and reestablishing that pairing is quite problematic. However, once the connection issues are overcome, Knock does a good job of identifying a nearby Mac and picks up the presence of it. Passwords are said to be encrypted and won’t be transmitted outside of the point-to-point connection between your iPhone and Mac.

Knock App

Here’s a video demonstrating the incredibly fun and novelty method of unlocking your Mac by knocking your expensive iPhone from within your pocket.


As long as Knock has been opened and is available in the multitasking tray, you are able to unlock your Mac, so it doesn’t even have to be the active forefront App. In addition, when the iPhone identifies a Mac close by a notification appears on the lock screen prompting you to knock on your device, just in case you forgot.

You’ll need a recent Mac and an iPhone 4S or later that has Bluetooth 4 capability, together with $3.99.

Knock is $3.99 for the iPhone. The accompanying Mac app can be found at the developer’s website.