Think of Knowzz as a word-of-mouth directory for your mobile device. Knowzz will help you find services nearby that your friends have recommended. It brings the traditional method of sharing great customer service experiences by word-of-mouth to the modern equivalent; mobile platforms via social media. Sure you could stumble across a friends post on one of the more traditional social networks that points you in the direction of a great cleaner, piano teacher or personal trainer but Knowzz collates all of your friends recommendations along with your own to make it just that much easier.

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Knowzz is a delight to use with a minimalist interface and the ability to find services organised through friends, categories and the wider Knowzz community. A simple app that helps you find just what you’re looking for. So throw away those old phonebooks and let Knowzz do all the hard work for you. To use Knowzz you are required to set up an account and verify your phone number by sending a text and at the time of writing only United States phone numbers are compatible with the app.

Knowzz is touted as a community of “…busy, like-minded multi-taskers: on-the-go moms, homeowners, trendsetters, health-seekers, pet-owners and CEOs of the household — all who understand the value of great quality, dependable service.”

Knowzz also let’s you share recommendations in other ways such as email, Facebook and twitter if you feel the need to share some details of a service to someone who is not on the Knowzz network. This is a nice feature that adds integration into other services and makes it a bit less of a hassle if someone didn’t have Knowzz themselves.

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Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.