[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gozap.labisync.android”]

LabiSync is an Android app which seeks to sync contacts, call logs, calendars, photos and more across your desktop, Android smartphone and Android tablet.

Upon opening the LabiSync app for the first time, you are asked to sign up, which is easily done via the app itself, or via LabiSync website, which is the perfect place to get the ball rolling with files residing on your desktop.

Once you have installed the LabiSync app on all of your devices, and then signed in, you’ll immediately see the benefits of the application when it comes to accessing and updating your data.


All Your Data, Everywhere

All too often we rely on either our desktops or on specific devices to keep track of certain information. This may include phone numbers, addresses, SMS, calendars, or even photos.

Yet, at the same time, we find ourselves wanting to access that same information whilst on the go. LabiSync allows you to do just that, as well as enabling you to view mobile or tablet data such as call logs, via your desktop.

LabiSync also lets you manage your data, by merging contacts, organizing photos, backing up your information, sending messages and so forth.


LabiSync Design & Interface

The overall design of LabiSync is pleasant. Photos, messages, contacts and other data is neatly presented, in a way which is easy to read and access.

Additionally, the menus and screen interfaces themselves look professionally built, and make the entire experience feel that much better. When dealing with personal information, design plays a huge role, as users will feel more comfortable with the application in charge of their data.

Across all devices, LabiSync keeps a consistent design, which helps to create a sense of your information being constantly within reach all under the same roof. Once again, this level of consistency in terms of design quality will help win the trust of users in no time at all.

Final Remarks

To conclude, LabiSync aggregates, organizes and presents all of your important information, and allows you to get hold of it wherever you are.

Some syncing applications allow you to view data on your mobile device, without offering a similar interface to view the same information on your desktop. LabiSync offers both options, and it offers them both very well.

So, if you want more flexible access to calendars, photos, call logs and more whilst travelling, or whilst in your home or office, check LabiSync out.

Download LabiSync from Google Play on Android devices running Android version 2.0 and up.