Last-minute Preparation Tips To Score Above 90% In Class 8 Science Exam

Science is an easy to score subject. It is divided into three sections namely physics, chemistry and biology. Physics contains numerical problems, chemistry comprises equations and biology includes diagrams. You can easily score full marks in your class 8 science exam if you prepare well and attempt it properly. Read on to learn some useful last-minute preparation tips that might help you score above 90% in class 8 science exams: 

1. Mark the important topics

Prepare a list of all the important topics from physics, biology and chemistry. You must remember and understand the concept. Use your knowledge to make judgments about the information. Start learning the topics from your list and understand the concepts well.

2. Mark important questions

CBSE exams tend to follow the curriculum mentioned in the NCERT books. It has been noted that the important topics or questions tend to reappear in examinations. Make a list of all the important questions and try to prepare detailed answers for each one of them. This way, you can learn the answers to the important questions that may be asked in the exam. At the time of the revision, do not forget to give importance to these questions. Also, practice all the questions from your class 8 NCERT science textbook. You can also refer to the NCERT solutions for class 8 science if you’re stuck on any question or want to revise the concepts quickly.

3. Do not learn new topics before exams

Do not waste your time learning new topics as you won’t remember them in the exam. This can lead you to forget whatever you’ve learnt before and ultimately perform badly in your exam.

4. Prepare a plan for revision

Develop a plan that will help you with the revision process. Divide time equally and devote it to physics, chemistry and biology. Make sure that you give similar importance to all three subjects otherwise you may lose marks. 

5. Attempt sample and previous year question papers 

Solve questions from the sample and previous year’s question papers as much as you can. This is essential to score full marks in the exams. Solving these papers is sufficient to improve your final test preparations. Take these assignments seriously and complete them with zeal. Check for answers and evaluate the scores after you’ve completed them. To enhance your grades, identify your skills and shortcomings and focus on the latter. Previous year question papers help you analyse the difficulty level of the exam paper. Additionally, you will be able to determine the repeated sequence of questions that are likely to appear on the exam paper. Sample papers are useful because they help you find out your true level of securing marks.

6. Learn the importance of time management

Final examinations are generally lengthy. Your science examination contains three subparts. Make sure that you attempt all questions and can finish them on time. Divide your time among sections and do not be in a hurry. Try to write the exact answers and do not waste your time adding information that is not relevant to the question. Practice numerical problems and equations during free periods. This will provide an ample amount of time that can be devoted to all three subjects.

7. Write neatly 

Try to write neatly on the paper. Practice your handwriting. Make sure it is legible and clean. How you write on your answer sheets makes a direct impact on your scores. Try to underline the important points in your answers. Make sure that you draw neat and well-labelled diagrams in biology. Write your answers in bullet points and maintain equal space between every word.

8. Be calm and confident 

A lot of students are unable to score well because they are under-confident. They become anxious and are unable to focus. Don’t lose your focus during the examinations and try to stay calm. Before your exam, get adequate rest. You can wake up a bit early in the morning and revise your notes. Avoid going through new topics a day before the exam. Make sure that you practice your diagrams and equations. Go to school with a relaxed and free mind. 

9. Read the question properly

Read every question three times during the examination and try to visualise the numerical. Make use of drawings or charts so that you get a better understanding of what the question is trying to ask. Write all the equations relevant and do not waste time on adding irrelevant things. Attempt shorter questions first so that you can give an ample amount of time to lengthy questions. Do not lose focus and solve every question with the same level of concentration. Devise a plan and write the required information after assessing the type of question. Follow the step by step procedure while writing the answer. Do not forget to write in neat handwriting. Make sure to give a glance at the answer for cross-checking after you’re finished with your paper. Make sure you have attempted every question and not missed any detail.

With these easy yet beneficial tips, you will be able to score more than 90% marks in your class 8th science paper. All the best!