LED T-Shirt You Control From Your Phone
LED T-Shirt You Control From Your Phone

The world’s first LED T-Shirt that can be controlled by a smartphone has finally been developed by Harvard Business School MBA students. The LED T-Shirts and the company are named to be “digiT-“, a company based in Boston, MA. The LED T-Shirt is available for just $49.99 for a limited time only. The original price is to be set as $69.99 hosted at the digiT- official website.

Update:- Use promo code dgt20 at www.digit-shirt.com before May 11 and get digiT- for just $29.99 (70% off list price of $69.99) for Tapscape readers only!

LED T-Shirt Features & Information

The LED T-Shirt has a full-color LED neo pixels display that allows you to set any type of color on the T-Shirt’s LED. It can be controlled by any Android and iOS mobile App device. The LED display can display text and animations that can scroll, flash and flicker on the T-Shirt. The T-Shirt is totally comfortable and is very light in weight. Washing the shirt won’t be a problem since its waterproof and can be washed without any problem. The shirt comes with a long lasting battery which can be recharged anytime when the battery goes down.
LED T-Shirt

This is surely an amazing new development by the Harvard Business School MBA Students. A totally unique shirt to put on at a party or just for fun. We will update this news article as soon as we receive any updates regarding the LED T-Shirt by digiT-. Below is a video about the LED T-Shirt published by “digiT-“.

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