Price: $2.99     Score: 8.5/10    Category: Productivity

Published by Qoppa Software , Qoppa PDF Notes Full (or qPDF Notes for short) is an all in one PDF app that can annotate PDF documents, fill / submit interactive forms and digitally sign PDFs.

qPDF Notes has an extremely simple no-frills interface which allows you to open, edit, and save PDFs which are fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat and any capable PDF reader.

Qoppa Software has made navigation a breeze with shortcuts to enable you to quickly scroll single or multiple pages, jump to the end, searching for within files, adding bookmarks, and remembering your last location with the document upon re-opening.

The great thing about working with hardcopies of documents is that you can scribble on them, highlight sections, or stick post-it notes all over them. With qPDF Notes you can now do all those things but on your electronic PDF’s.

Annotate anywhere on the document with shapes, put sticky notes wherever you want, highlighting sections as if you were using a highlighter, strike-through and underlining just as you would with whatever color pen you choose.


Your stationary set with qPDF Notes is extremely flexible with the annotation settings allowing all sorts of settings of colors, line widths, and transparencies so you can make your mark-ups exactly how you want them.

An important thing to note (no pun intended), is that annotations won’t be visible in other applications unless you flatten the file from the menu options prior to sending/opening in other apps.

qPDF Notes has so many extra features it’s hard to go through them all in detail, but in particular it also comes with a swag of security features such as allowing secure digital signatures to PDF’s and opening encrypted/password-protected PDFs.

And like all good apps these days, integration to other applications is vital for productivity and qPDF Notes works with Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, and BoxOneCloud.

Not the most attractive looking, but this no frills app is extremely effective at achieving all you need. It’s fast, solid, and potentially one of the best PDF productivity apps out there. The $2.93 price tag is great value for what Qoppa PDF Notes Full can offer you.