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Battleheart is here!

How many times have you sat there and wondered or even prayed that there was a game where pirates, shaolin monks, knights of the round table, wizard, witches, thieves, sages, vikings, the black knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, mercenaries and a lute player… could band together to protect a magical kingdom from a horde of evil trolls & ogres? Because straight off the bat, I can think of at least 12 occasions when I’ve dreamt of such a thing and guess what? Our prayers have been answered!

A wonderfully designed action/RPG, Battleheart has managed to take the genre to heights not yet seen on the iPhone, with crisp gameplay, easy to master controls & a killer soundtrack to boot. Developed by Mika Mobile, the game itself is essentially a series of battles that take place on a single screen. You manage a motley online casino crue team of four very different characters, and all of their actions are managed using simple swipe controls on the iPhones touch screen. Just a swipe from a healer to one of your soldiers will command that character to begin using healing spells indefinitely, or swipe from your swordsman and fighters to an enemy and this will cause him or her to attack until either you or your enemy drops stone dead.

Don’t let the single screen battles trick you into thinking the developers have copped out on locations, the lush graphics manage to keep each scene feeling fresh and the cutesy animation of the characters in battle is truly captivating.

As you progress through casino online the levels, you can level up your soldiers, giving them more magic abilities as well as being able purchase new goodies like weapons and power rings with loot claimed on the field of battle. All this is easily managed on your main screen, where you can access the armory, the keep, the tavern to recruit more warriors and the merchant to sell off items you have no use for. This helps to split the game up a bit from the battles themselves, which can if played for long periods of time, do get a little repetitive.

Any last words? : Battleheart is beautiful to look at, well thought out and slams a rather cuddly animated sword through its RPG rivals. All up a great little game that is sure to provide you with a good few hours of entertainment and well worth the $2.99 price tag.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. Require iOS 3.1.2 or later.

Claiming to be from the future, in a time when ‘Apple’ rules the world, Matt Wilkinson is now living life back in 2011 as undercover freelance journalist & rock n roll maverick in order to save human kind from evil apps. Having fallen in love with the people in this time, he has remained here & spends his time in Australia working at a record company, running a Tee-Shirt label, co-creator of KID TV’s ’Easy-Peasy’ & fronting mighty rock band ‘The MoonKids’.
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