What Does LG’s New Super UHD TV 4K Mean For The LG G5 and V10
What Does LG’s New Super UHD TV 4K Mean For The LG G5 and V10

LG recently launched the newest saga in definition- Super VHD TV 4K, offering the best color, motion and brightness. What does this mean for LG mobile devices? Can we expect to see better screens in the LG G5 and LG V10?

SEOUL- We all love high definition- in fact, there are very few programs that we can actually watch in regular definition without getting pretty nauseous (for example, sporting events). Now, LG is utilizing this new technology in several different ways- such as producing the first UHD 4K LED TV, one of the only televisions out there that can process information, provide smart TV functions, and over elevated brightness, colors, and even HDR through Dolby Vision.

How LG is Utilizing This New Technology

One flagship feature of LG versions of the mobile device and televisions that we expect to see are curved displays that have better viewability from different angles, no matter what light you’re in. The G5 definitely follows suit in this, providing sleek designs, metal alloys, and a “gentle curve on the top of the device” according to LG bloggers. This allows users to view “a smooth, colorful metal surface” which takes your phone’s appearance to another level. Along with this feature, your phone would be able to access LG’s new “LG Friends” collection that lets you use other devices alongside your LG G5.

LG G5 Transforms to Meet Your Needs

LG developed this new model of phone to include an LG CAM Plus mode that turns your phone into a camera, as well as a Hi-Fi player that provides support for 32 bit 384 KHz high-definition audio feedback (comparable in clarity to the Super UHD TV 4K). Without a doubt, however, the star of this show are LG Friends.

A Highlight of What LG Friends Will Do

The G5 has been designed to guarantee that LG can use its ties with partner programs and devices to maximize the compatibilities of the phone without sacrificing space, design, or functionality:

  • LG 360 VR – An exclusive G5 product, the LG 360 VR provides LG users a maximum resolution of almost 700 ppi, and images look like a 130 inch TV viewed from 2 meters away.
  • LG360 CAM – Equipped with 2 13 MP cameras, LG expects the LG360 cam to excite. It offers it’s own 1,200 mAh battery, 2K video, and 5.1 channel surround sound, viewable on any other LG 360 VR.
  • LG Rolling Bot – The LG Rolling Bot is a small bot that rolls around and takes 8 MP pictures. It can monitor your home, provide a companion for your pet, or connect to your home devices. You can purchase an additional controller to monitor your home remotely.
  • LG Tone Platinum – The Tone Platinum is probably the best headset in the business, and it’s completely Bluetooth. It delivers sharp, clean sound, producing unbeatable 24-bit audio for unrivaled wireless quality.
  • H3 By B&O Play – B&O Play provides the best earphones around for Hi-Fi Plus quality sound. They excellent quality comes at a premium penny, but they’re a must for an audiophile.
  • LG Smart Controller – You can control drones, checking video streams, as well as get unbelievable flight quality all for one low price.
  • LG Friends Manager – The LG G5 is the first that offers an application to connect with the preferred devices for your phone with as little headache as possible, making those purchases even better decisions.

How will these devices play into the overall sales of the LG G5? And will the screen resolution and quality match the UHD 4K TV? Hopefully, in the next few months, LG will be able to answer some of our questions.