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With the World Cup underway, you’ll never miss a piece of the action with Live Football Word Cup 2014 Android App developed by GZ Systems Ltd.

This app lets you stream and watch live World Cup football in your native language and bypasses any geographical restrictions by utilising a VPN service.

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Live Football World Cup 2014 looks absolutely brilliant, with all the vital information from your favourite teams presented in a visually pleasing way. You’re able to easily keep up with the latest scores and group standings throughout the World Cup, all in one place.

Also, you’re able to choose up to 5 different teams to receive instant news and goal alerts from every game.

Whilst the app never failed to present the latest score and group standing information, it was hit and miss with the live streams with some games working and some not.

However, with the app being completely free, it is a perfect way to keep track of the latest scores for your nation and the developers are constantly working to get the live streams working again to cope with the demand on their servers.