LoonaPixPrice: Free     Score: 9/10     Category: Photography

LoonaPix is a fun and simple Android photo editor by developer LoonaPix Team. The premise is simple, you have photos and they have effects, so why not combine them in the simplest fashion possible and let all of your friends enjoy the result? There are many great uses for the this quirky little photo app, and the results can range from cute to hilarious.

There are a plethora of photo and image editors available for Android, but what sets LoonaPix apart is that it’s no more than it claims to be, with no frills or unnecessary options. If you’re looking for a full fledged photo editor, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a fun app that can make something special from the pictures you take everyday then this app is perfect for you.

LoonaPix is a fantastically simple photo editor

When you first open LoonaPix it may seem like you are looking at a collection of quirky and funny images that have already been edited, featuring a rather unfortunate looking teenage boy. These images are actually representations of the dozens of photo effects available to select. Scroll down the page and find the one that catches your eye then give it a tap.

 LoonaPix 1 LoonaPix 2

When you tap the effect you want the screen presents a loading effect for a moment, then you are presented with an option to select a photo. Tap the button and choose to either take a new photo or select one already in your gallery. Once you select your photo you will be shown your photo with a crop box on it, just move the box to cover as much of the important parts of the image as possible. It’s important for the app to crop your image to match the requirements of the effect you selected. Tap save to finish the cropping and let the app do its magic!

LoonaPix 3 LoonaPix 4

Once LoonaPix finalizes your new image you can save it to your gallery or share it over social media, e-mail, cloud storage, or messenger. The effects to choose from are wide ranging and all look very well crafted. You can convert your face to a tattoo on a man or womans arm, have it look like your picture is hanging in an art gallery with observers looking it over, paste yourself on a billboard, or one of many more choices. You can’t make minor adjustments to it after you select an effect, but that’s fine because LoonaPix does a fantastic job fitting and applying effects to your image. There could always be room for more effects, but the selection provided is fairly comprehensive.

LoonaPix does require a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to work properly, since all of the effect work is actually done externally from your device. The app itself is very small, coming in at just 545k, because very little of the information is actually stored in the device or app. With the free price tag, fantastic effects, easy to understand interface, and simple sharing solutions this Android app is a winner. It’s nothing extreme, but it does exactly what it sets out to do, provide a fun and simple image effects editor.

LoonaPix is compatible with Android 2.2 and up. Version used for review was 1.1.6. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this Android app review.