Mac Backup Guru Mac App

Mac Backup Guru is a Mac App developed by MacDaddy. This backup service is ideal for people who can’t afford to lose their most important files.

As with a lot of backup services, the first time you conduct a file backup will be excruciatingly slow. That’s intentional, as this service works by only updating those files that have changed since your last backup.

Mac Backup Guru Mac App

Here’s what the developers have to say about their product:

“Sync is traditionally a grey or even dark area, where historically monsters (or more aptly here, bugs) come from. It’s not something you’d associate with reliability and trust in a backup program. Many people accustomed to the lack of reliability of programs would rightfully not fully trust a sync, and would prefer to do a full clone each time in order to be sure they have all of their changes they have made on their drive. But we feel we have solved that issue for sync entirely now. We can confidently state that if you sync your backup, it is 100% just as good as if you had just cloned the disk for the first time. This reliability is borne from implicit simplicity.”

Setting up the Source and Destination is as simple as navigating a drop-down menu. This stripped down app is easy to use, and extremely user-friendly.

I was actually surprised how quickly the initial backup progressed, and the subsequent backups were even speedier. This app basically works on three main rules, as outlined by the devs:

1) If the size of the file on the source is different from that on the destination, the file has changed.

2) If the modification time is different on the source or on the destination, the file has changed.

3) if the file has changed, replace the one on the destination from the one from the source.

Mac Backup Guru Mac App

Overall, this app is remarkably simple to use, reliable, and seems to be created by a team of developers who have a lot of passion and intelligence.

For just $29, you get the peace of mind that comes from having a backup system in place for your Mac…along with the unique peace of mind you get from knowing that the backup will be pristine and bug free. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Mac Backup Guru requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.