Macbook Air and Macbook Pro
Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

As the newest Mac devices are developed, it’s often hard to decide which ones are your favorite. That being said, there are a lot of excellent features that both the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro have in common. Learn more about what you should choose in this article.

The MacBook Air in Review

The Macbook Air is expected to be one of the lightest computers in production- and this portability is the main selling point of this device. It comes with an Intel Core M chip and only one USB port, but it’s surprisingly well-rounded and well built. It’s got high performance, several color options, and a modified price range that would make any Apple fanatic rejoice (at less than $1,300).

Unlike its’ closest competitor, the Macbook Air is one of the easiest to use devices. The speakers are great and the trackpad is shallow, but it’s incredibly sturdy. You get an awesome luxurious feel when you use it, and the seamless design makes it look great in your hands or on your lap. It stays brilliantly cool, processes spectacularly, and is easy to get started. The touch functions are also responsive to ensure that you’re always hitting what you want (where you want to.) Plus, the bright and clear HD 4K display is awesome to look at.

The MacBook Pro in Review (13 and 15 inch models)

If you’re wanting a few extra features, spring for the Macbook Pro. It delivers OLED touch bars, and a Touch ID feature that users love on iOS devices. Furthermore, there should be more than one port (although it will support USB-C). It’s a little more clunky than the MacBook Air, but all that weight comes with more functionality. It’s also going to be equipped with sixth generation Intel Core Processors and the highest graphics calculations that Apple can provide.

Further research suggests that Apple will even support Thunderbolt 3 in the peripherals of this device (which is missing from the 12 inch Macbook Air). What this means is that if you want a little more power, you should opt for the MacBook Pro. If portability and weight are more important to you, spring for the Macbook Air. Either way, they both deliver such exceptional quality and reliability that you can’t go wrong.

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