MacBook Pro could feature one huge security feature from the iPhone
MacBook Pro could feature one huge security feature from the iPhone

The important features of Apple’s iPhone are slowly and gradually shifting towards the desktop side of the company’s products. This time, the company’s MacBook Pro family is going to receive a hefty security upgrade, but in order to do that, Apple is going to be taking one critical feature from its iPhone, and that happens to be its Touch ID interface. According to iClarified, MacBook Pro models are going to feature their very own Touch ID power buttons.

Unfortunately, we have no clue where it is going to be placed, but if the upcoming notebooks are intended to be made thin, then it is not possible for a physical button to be placed on the laptop without it compromising the thickness. In fact, we believe that such a feature is going to be present inside the trackpad, which should offer something convenient to the user, as they would not have to unlock their MacBook by placing their finger on a separate Touch ID button over and over again.


Additional changes coming to the MacBook Pro would be the addition of USB-C ports. Rumor has it that the upcoming notebook lineup is going to feature a total of 4 USB-C ports, thus allowing users to simultaneously charge and transfer data at rapid speeds from a multitude of devices. These notebooks are also going to be powered by Intel’s Skylake processors, which are going to offer between 20-30 percent performance increase over Intel’s Broadwell processor lineup while delivering more efficiency in the process.

This efficiency metric is what must have given Apple further initiative to reduce the thickness of its MacBook Pro and this family will also be the first to replace the physical function keys placed above the keyboard and provide the user a more intuitive feel of how they fire up applications right from their keyboard. We’ll update you more on the matter as we have more material coming our way but these notebooks are going to quite the lookers when they are officially announced.