Machkevitch Alexander on the processing of industrial waste on the example of ERG

Machkevitch Alexander holds the position of Chairman of the Board of the ERG group of companies, which is engaged in the extraction and development of natural resources and is one of the largest in its niche. The management pays great attention not only to the production process but also to the processing of industrial waste since the relevance of such a problem only increases every year.

Industrial waste classification

Considering the general classification of waste, a separate type is distinguished – industrial. It includes three main forms:

  1. liquid;
  2. gaseous;
  3. solid.

Industrial waste is generated in processes that are directly related to the extraction, processing of natural substances. It is also divided into recyclable, non-repayable, and recyclable materials. Return waste after processing can be used in the same production process, they completely retain their properties. Irrevocable should not be reused in the production cycle. They are subject to burial, and, if necessary, are additionally neutralized. Recyclable material is a potentially suitable material for products that can be reused after processing.

This classification allows the correct use of resources, minimizing hazardous waste.

Machkevitch Alexander about the mandatory need for processing industrial waste

The amount of waste increases if they are simply disposed of by the burial method even with preliminary neutralization – this is a way of poisoning the soil. All toxic substances are absorbed into the ground, fertility is reduced, which leads to agricultural losses.

Waste burning is an increase in harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which leads to many diseases of people and the occurrence of natural anomalies.

With properly organized waste processing at the enterprise, you can not only get new useful materials but also reduce the amount of:

  1. fresh raw material consumption;
  2. consumed energy;
  3. harmful emissions into the environment;
  4. financial expenses in production.

A properly organized process eliminates the option of releasing toxic compounds during waste processing.

The strategy of Alexander Machkevitch and ERG in the field of industrial waste processing

In 2019, ERG initiated the creation of a specialized company, ERG Recycling. Its main task is to organize work related to the waste disposal of enterprises that make up a large concern.

ERG Recycling develops activities in three areas related to waste. This includes recycling, process management, and commercialization of waste management. Implementation of an integrated approach allows you to maximize the opportunities and properties of the waste accumulated at the enterprises of the Eurasian Group.

In the future – the creation of new value-added products in the processing process. The manufactured liquid products will be in demand not only by the enterprises of the Group, but also by other manufacturers.