mad catz strike 5 review

mad catz strike 5 review

Customization is definitely the keyword to use when talking about the Mad Catz Strike 5 Keyboard.  While it might be lacking in some features that are considered standard in gaming keyboards (mechanical key switches), the customization options are actually able to make up for the things it lacks in.  However, it is quite expensive coming in at $200, so lets see if its worth the money.

Design and Features

Again, it is hard for me to not repeatedly mention customization when talking about the Strike 5.  There are five separate modules that can be configured in multiple ways to tailor the keyboard to your specific needs.  Being able to switch around the location of the NumPad and wrist rests is cool, but not exactly worth the $200.

The main issue that virtually any gamer will find with the Strike 5 is its lack of mechanical key switches.  Just the thought of not having mechanical keys on a GAMING keyboard seems a little bit odd since they have been the standard in all gaming keyboards for quite some time now.

Without using mechanical keys, the Mad Catz Strike 5 has to rely on membrane keys which do perform better than your average membrane keys but are still far from being as good as a normal mechanical keyboard.  The vast majority of the Strike 5?s design is the same as the Strike 7 with the only main difference being that it lacks a touchscreen display.

Instead of a touchscreen, the Strike 5 uses a an EYE OLED module to provide features like advanced macro programming, backlight adjustment, volume adjustment, media controls, etc.  The EYE OLED was useful for things like volume and media controls but other than that I did not really find much of a use for it.


Without offering mechanical keys it is hard for me to enjoy using the Strike 5.  As far as options and features go, the Strike 5 is completely decked out, but it seems to leave behind a core feature.  The keys were nice to type on for regular usage but when it came to gaming, the keyboard did not perform at the the level a $200 keyboard should perform at.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a good keyboard to type on and you also have tons of money to spend, then the Strike 5 might be perfect for you.  However, if you are looking for a gaming keyboard then I simply cannot recommend any product that doesn’t include mechanical keys.

Check out the Mad Catz Strike 5 HERE