Magic 8 Ball

Ever find yourself on a Friday afternoon staring blankly at a computer screen, looking for a fun and addictive way to waste a few minutes… or a few hours?! Trust us, the online Magic 8 Ball Game from Legomenon is one fun way to do just that. Ask the Eight Ball as many yes or no questions as you want while waiting patiently for the weekend to just hurry up and begin already. Ready to play now? PLAY ONLINE NOW ยป

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Play Magic 8 Ball Game Online for Free

We all remember playing with the clunky plastic Mattel Magic 8 Ball when we were kids back in the twentieth century. Apparently based on a sketch from an old Three Stooges movie, the Mattel Eight Ball toy was almost as iconic in the 1990s as a Troll doll or a POG (remember those?). Looking back on it, the analog plastic 8 Ball was a little clunky and not too easy for a child to handle. I’ll give you that. I accidentally dropped mine when was a kid and was quickly disillusioned about its magical, fortune-telling powers. Don’t let this happen to your children. Step into the future while at the same playing with a toy from your childhood online now at Legomenon with their magic 8 ball game

Magic 8 Ball Rules

How do you play the game? If you remember, as a child you had to shake the black plastic Mattel ball to have your secret fortune told. With the online game, ask a yes or no question and then do a simple “click” of the mouse to cause the ball to shake. Afterwards your fortune will magically appear

Wonder if you will ever become a millionaire so you can finally quit your job and play the Magic 8 Ball game all of the time? Ask the Magic 8 Ball if you really want to know the answer… According to their website, Legomenon guarantees that their Magic 8 Ball will offer more accurate answers than all of the other Magic 8 balls available online. You will have to test the accuracy yourself by playing the web-based game online at their website for free.