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Make It for Teachers & School is a toolbox app for creating interactive games, presentations and learning tools that can be used in a variety of real world applications. Developed by Planet Factory Interactive, Make It for Teachers & School is feature rich authoring tool that brings many functions of a traditional computer right there on the iPad for you to use. Once completed projects can be shared via email, social media or other methods and opened on almost any platform including mobile devices, computers and tablets. The vast array of consumer platforms that are compatible is one of the great features of this app. In contrast one downside is that the authoring tool is only available on iPad but you really need the iPad’s screen real-estate to use its features.


With Make It, you are able to create your own educational activities, personalised content, interactive games, creative storytelling and dynamic slideshows. Teachers, homeschool educators, students and even kids could benefit greatly from the features and projects in this app. Make It even comes with a help guide which is sort of a tutorial and assists in getting your first project built from start to finish.


With built in themes and templates creating a project in Make It is simple and painless and the ability to test your application before sharing the finished product is fantastic.

Visually Make It is quite simple but we think this helps to keep it simple and accessible for people of all stages of learning.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.