Make Your Bots Think: 10 Arguments in Favor of AI Developer in a Company

The thin line between the desired and the real possibilities of technology is becoming more blurred. The artificial intelligence development entails a major technological revolution in the industrial, business and labor markets. This can mean also one thing: along with the well-known professions of software developers that we know, there will be a great demand for AI developers. Leading giant companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple are already investing billions of dollars in research and development departments and hiring an artificial intelligence developer in the company to integrate AI technology into their products. The development of AI promises people a better quality of life, getting rid of mechanical work and the emergence of new jobs. What role does AI play for the business of the future? This article will help you get the answer to this question and make the right choice.

Futurologists’ Forecasts About AI

Foresights are an important part of planning a future strategy. Based on facts, statistics, and analysis, scientists make their predictions about our coexistence with artificial intelligence and its impact on our life in general.

In 2017, research was conducted in which 4 groups of people were interviewed: readers of Science, Nature, Harvard Business Review and Foresight Experts. The purpose of the study was for people from different fields to make their assumptions about the changes that will occur with artificial intelligence future. Thus, the fields of biotechnology, robotics and IT/software took first places given their changes in the coming years. These results suggest that those who focus on the development of these areas and AI will have great progress.

According to Forbes, another important change will happen in the labor market – 1.8 million jobs will be erased from job search sites thanks to the automation that AI will take on. Do not be horrified, because at the same time, thanks to this technology, more than 2.3 million new jobs will appear in the healthcare, education and public sector. One of the most obvious is an AI developer.

Why Do We Afraid of AI

AI is being developed to help mankind solve the problems that are still facing it: get rid of cancer, prevent further global warming, solve complex calculations in a second. All of this will contribute to the progress and development of mankind. But as we mentioned above, many people have a fear of artificial intelligence. According to those same futurologists, in the next 50 years, AI will not be as intellectually developed as a person.

Questions of ethics and law are still open for robots with AI technology because now it is becoming clear that for the full-fledged operation of the system its regulators are needed, both legal and ethical laws. If we talk about legal, then a couple of years ago new laws were created for Internet use, cyber police were created, and in the future, similar technologies await AI technology. Ethical laws are only waiting for their development in the case of equating artificial intelligence with a human one. 

10 Arguments to Support AI Implementing to Your Company

How do companies benefit from becoming artificial intelligence companies? It is better to answer this question with an example: a few decades ago, print publications were read by everyone who subscribed to a magazine. Due to this, the media were funded and made a profit. With the development of the Internet, people began to read free online media that changed the vector of earnings. Since it was no longer necessary to pay for newspapers and magazines, many media went bankrupt, but those who caught innovation found sponsors in the form of advertisers and remained relevant.

A similar fate awaits any business that will keep pace with the times and develop along with technology. By introducing AI into the business, its owners win by 10 points:

  1. Cybersecurity

Hackers constantly improve hacking methods and increasing the power of cyberattacks. AI will help IT professionals quickly identify fraudsters within the system and quickly block them.

  1. Marketing

AI will help improve interaction with consumers, explore customer tastes, and create more attractive products and services.

  1. Optimization of business operations

AI is used differently in industries: distributors use AI to optimize their supply chains, and cloud service providers use it to manage energy consumption in their data centers.

  1. AI will improve decision making

One of the most important benefits of AI is its ability to make better decisions than people can.

  1. Entering new markets

To analyze the possibilities of entering new company markets besides ML for managing customer service, financial resources, risks and compliance with requirements, both in sales and marketing, use “perceptual intelligence” – a combination of deep analytics and business decision support.

  1. Staff reductions will not happen

We have already mentioned this fact above, because as the data on the number of jobs shows, along with the arrival of AI, it will increase.

  1. Analytics

Artificial intelligence helps make forecasts – thanks to the ability to learn, it can analyze large volumes of data and make high-quality forecasts.

  1. Improving the quality of customer support

The introduction of AI in business processes will help to improve and establish communication with customers.

  1. An advantage over competitors

AI is not inclined to make mistakes if it has a certain amount of information, unlike a person, which means it reduces the cost of bugs’ removing.

  1. Production modernization

The very reason to develop along with time gives the company the right to call itself advanced and modern.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, artificial intelligence technologies open up enormous advantages for businesses and make it possible to get a timely response to changing conditions. Business processes will benefit from automating some processes and improving others. Mass artificial intelligence implementation will be possible only after decades, but now we can see how much the business needs these changes.

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