The speederbike chase sequence in 'Return of the Jedi' is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever created. Now, create your own speederbike

The speederbike chase sequence on the Endor Moon (ie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) is one of the greatest pieces of cinema ever created. While we can’t fly you Endor, we can deliver the next best thing — DIY plans for creating your own scale model speederbike.

Actually, Makezine is the source for the über cool speederbike plans and Adam Woodworth, a guy who’s built scale model yet functional jet aircraft, the author:

I got into FPV (First Person Video) multi-rotor racing a few months ago. The fast, low level flying instantly reminded me of the Endor chase scene from Return of the Jedi. This project was an obvious choice to combine my interest and experience in RC (remote control) flight with my love of Star Wars stuff. I like always having some strange project on the work bench and this one was next in line, an attempt to build a version of the Imperial Speeder Bikes from the movie that I could “get into” and fly around myself.

All you need to do it yourself is a 1999 Hasbro POTF Speederbike, including Scout Trooper, as well as the functional bits of a low-flying quadcopter, a wee dram o’ mad skilz and, you know, everything else will just sort of fall into place.

Again, mad skilz aren’t optional. Unlike midichlorians, however, you can actually acquire mad skilz by learning and honing them over time…

What’s your take?

Via: TechCrunch

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