Manage Your Risk: 6 Essentials Ways to Prevent Cyber Attacks From Happening

Cybercrime is a threat to all people. In this world, where everyone uses technology for everything, we are all vulnerable to the menacing and hostile effects of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks come in diverse forms. It could be seizing controls of computers that may lead to the insistence of pressure in ransom in order to release the control. This kind of crime is hard to detect and notice. That is why it is spreading so quickly.

To stop yourself from experiencing this incident, you have to understand cyber-attacks and cyber threats. And these cyber attacks transpire with the use of some unethical computer tactics in an attempt to override the computer user’s behavior. Viruses, worms, and social engineering are one trick of the cybercriminals used to steal valuable information. For instance, you could be downloading a file that plants code on your computer, and that makes you at risk of cyberattacks.

Everyone using the internet should take precautions and a necessary safety measure to protect yourself from being one of the victims in these harrowing and devastating attacks. Here are some essential ways to prevent cyber attacks from happening. So, install a firewall freeware, antivirus then take a deep breath and be informed on how to safeguard yourself against these attacks.

Don’t Share Personal Information Online.

Sharing your personal information online is a wrong move unless you are confident that the website you are dealing with is safe. The best way to ensure that the site is secure is to look for “s” in the web address you are visiting. The tip in knowing an unsafe site is when it starts with Http:// while a safe site begins with https://.

Always guard your personal data information. Social engineering cybercriminals are like roaring lions trying to find victims. They are so fast in getting someone’s information even by using just a small data they have gathered from that person. You better include your personal information before something terrible might happen.

Use A Strong Password

Having a strong password is useful to secure your account. Do not use the same password on different sites and change it every now and then, if possible. You can have a password with at least ten letters and then combine it with numbers and symbols to make it hard to decipher. You can review and secure your account using a password management application.

To further avoid this kind of situation, you need to start having a strong encryption password and having a virtual private network. If cybercriminals try to hack your communication line, they will no longer get something important to you but only encrypted data. It is really advisable to use VPN, especially when you are in a restaurant, cafe, library, or you are using a public Wi-Fi network.

Keep Your Software Updated

Hackers put all their efforts into hacking computers that are out of date and have no security patches installed that would stop them from attacking the system. Unable to update and install security patches give them the freedom to hack your system easily. Installing security patches and updating your computer will offer high security to your files. If you haven’t installed anything, then it is time to install one.  

Refrain From Clicking Anything

To stop this from happening, you must refrain from clicking any links, opening emails, or even downloading files that you think you are not sure. Clicking anything might give the cybercriminals small holes to get inside on your computer. You can have the freedom to do it if you are expecting some trusted person to send that link or file to you.

An example of this situation is when a bank tries to ask you to put your bank information. If in case you will have to deal with this kind of situation in the future, disregard everything; better yet, contact that bank immediately to inform them that someone is trying its best to hack your bank account.

Always Have A Back-Up

To make you more secure, the changes you created on your computer should have a back-up so that if this may happen to you, things will still be back to normal.  Make sure that your back-up is separate from your computer to avoid further difficulties in the future. You can save it using a cloud, removable hard drive, or you can sync it to your google drive to make it more secure.


Cybercrime is the business of everybody circulating in the virtual world, and the best thing to stop them is by doing your part. You be vigilant and knowledgeable about this habit, or else you will be one of their victims.

If you don’t want this to happen in your life, then always keep your private life a secret. Do not share essential things anywhere to avoid complications in the future. You only need common-sense to stop cybercriminals from doing this.