Mass Effect 3 Aria Take Back Omega

Despite the all the complaints and issues raised by Mass Effect 3’s original, pre-extended cut ending, looks like we’ve still got new single player content coming our way.

The image above was uploaded on Reddit and was taken from the Montreal Comic Con. People who were able to attend the event, as relayed on Reddit and the Bioware Social Forums say that attendees of Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 panel were given that sneak peak at the end. Speculation is now rampant as to what that red thing behind Commander Shepard is, with people guessing that it might be a Cerberus or Collector ship.  Perhaps it might even be “something totally new.”

There are people saying that it could actually be Omega and that this might be the long teased Take Back Omega DLC where players will now have the opportunity to retake the space station from Cerberus or perhaps even Reaper forces. Of course, there are still some fans out there hoping that we’ll get some new DLC that will FINALLY give players the chance to conclude their Mass Effect 3 experience with a happy ending for Commander Shepard and maybe some blue babies to boot… Fans of Mass Effect know what I’m talking about.

Mass Effect 3 Aria Take Back Omega

If this rumor proves true and we end up with new single player DLC, this will be the third for Mass Effect 3. As of the moment, there has been no official word from Bioware on the rumors but we’ll be sure to report anything that comes up.

If Mass Effect 3 was to get new single player DLC, what would you like it to focus on? Would you like a “Take Back Omega” campaign to finally happen or something completely new? We’d love to hear what you think so share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. anything is better than coming to the end of your game and realizing that without purchasing xbox gold and playing online with other people your character will die… that was so lame! I hope bioware fixes this annoyance and gives us something worth paying $15-$20 for if Shepard lives..

  2. It would be cool to play a mission AFTER the ending, hinting at a quadrilogy, showing an epic ending cutscene, shepard living, Omega, romance… you name it—just to correct the inital fallout further… Not to mention getting rid of the ‘rise of the machines’ trope… THAT would be cool for me… AND making multiplayer count for the NEXT game so ME3 MP can continue… THAT would be cool…

  3. The first ending pretty much killed my enjoyment of the game unfortunately- the ‘extended cut’ didn’t really change that. I didn’t even bother with or have the urge to get Leviathan. On top of other recent disappointments with Bioware and their games, I have to say I really no longer care about DLC or any releases they’re planning. It’s too bad, this was my fav series and game company by leaps and bounds.

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