Price: $1.99     Score: 9/10     Category: Education

As a little kid, I had a whole library of Disney movies on VHS. But none of the tapes got as much wear and tear as my copy of The Little Mermaid.

Given my aquatic obsession at such a tender age, I’m pretty sure that I would have loved Math Ocean, developed by VCare Creation, if only they’d had iPhones back when I was learning to count.

Chances are, if you have young ones, they will also love the process of learning how to count when they use Math Ocean. Why count on fingers and toes or watch non-interactive videos when they can get up close and personal with Math Ocean’s adorable sea creatures?

The host of the game is Dory, a totally cute female dolphin. In addition to basic adding and subtracting, she also helps kids with other challenges, including sorting like images. As cute as Dory is, little kids will be transfixed by the amazing array of sea creatures, from fish to crabs to perfectly pudgy penguins.

Also impressive are the sheer number of areas available in Math Ocean, as outlined by the developers below:

1. Antarctic Ocean – Subtraction:  Let the hopping penguins jump into sea and learn how to subtract.
2. Indian Ocean – Addition: Learn how to add as more fish arrive.
3. Pacific Ocean – Matching: Help repairing the broken submarine by putting on the windows in correct shape and color.
4. Beach – Sorting: Arrange the lovely creatures/toys in correct sequence.
5. Beach – Patterns: Complete the pattern in logical order with correct toys.

If you are interested for Math Ocean for your kids, this fun and educational game is ideally suited for preschoolers and kindergarteners (though younger whiz kids may be able to handle the math and sorting games if they’re gifted.)

The controls are very responsive, ensuring that kids won’t be frustrated while learning. Moreover, it is nice that kids are rewarded for a good performance with a mini-break where they can play with an onscreen sticker playset.

Math Ocean is positive, enchanting, and all-around good fun for kids at that tender age where they need support to develop confidence in math.

Math Ocean is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.