Don’t want to hand your brand new iPad or Android tablet over to the kids? You aren’t alone. Tablets can be a pretty expensive investment, and even if you get a special case for your shiny toy- things can still go wrong.

What is the solution? A tablet designed specifically with kids in mind. While there are several different tablets of this type out on the market, a newly announced MEEP is probably one of the most solid offerings you’ll find in a sub-$150 package (it’s $149 exactly).

What do you get with the MEEP? Actually, nothing particularly revolutionary when it comes to specs. It has a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a .3MP camera, microSD for expansion and a resolution of 800×480. The tablet is also Wi-Fi enabled and has HDMI for hooking up to the big screen. The OS is Android ICS.

What makes the MEEP different from other kid’s tablets?

The MEEP is much more bump resistant than many alternatives. It has a bumper made of silicon for gripping and for protecting it against falls. The bumper even comes in different colors like purple and pink.

So it has a bumper, big deal. Okay, what about cloud based controls? The Parents Portal can be accessed remotely for monitoring what your kids are doing, it will even let you lock them of specific sites and apps. There is an extensive black list that will also keep your kids away from inappropriate sites and will even censor out bad words.

The MEEP also comes with preloaded software titles such as Toon Goggles, UNO, and Angry Birds. Need more apps than that? A kid-safe MEEP Store opens the tablet up to even more games and apps. There are also specific accessories designed to make the most out of this tablet such a gaming steering wheel, joystick drum pads, a piano and microphone to name a few.

While there are several budget tablets that are cheaper than this, they aren’t nearly as kid-resistant. What do you think, is this worth the $150 price tag?

Via: MEEP! Website