Remember a little site called Megaupload? Yes, that same site that got taken down by the FBI and all contents seized by the US government, with the owner Kim Dotcom being held in custody by the New Zealand police in response to charges in the US for criminal copyright infringement for Megaupload. Well the latest development is a service called Mega.

Mega, which is due to be launched on Saturday, will offer 50GB of free storage to its users, something its rival competitors can nowhere near match.


The promotion of Kim’s new service didn’t stop there, with tweets following shortly after:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 17.08.14

Apparently the new service is legitimate, or is at least aimed at being so.

The new site at reveals there is a partnership with the Instra Corporation that will:

“provide technical and product support to Mega users. It is also signing up resellers that will provide premium accounts to the service. These resellers will sell packages to people who need more than 50 GB of storage space. In addition to Instra, other resellers at launch include EuroDNS and DigiWeb.”

Dotcom told NZ’s National Business Review that international advertising of the service will begin shortly after the launch. Kim Dotcom also states:

“He says he will follow up six months later with two more services, Megabox, a content service that will give artists a cut of the profits, and Megakey, a web browser plug-in which will offer ad-supported free music and movie content – supplanting ads served by websites in the process.”

You may be asking what the difference is to Megaupload. It’s that Mega’s files are encrypted and firewalled offering protection to its users, so it’s by no means anymore legal, it just provides more mechanisms to hide content that shouldn’t be there.

With that said, will you be signing up to such a service, even given the generous storage allowance?