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Metal Earth: The Gray Matter is packed full of comprehensive and enjoyable game play, spanning various, unique game modes. The addictive style of Metal Earth, paired with the charming storyline, will provide hours of fun.

Upon opening the Metal Earth app for the first time, two separate gaming areas are presented to the user. The main story mode, along with the mini-games mode.

Selecting the mini-games mode will allow the user to select one of the three mini-games on offer. They are; Bomb-a-thon, Pilot Ace and War Room. Each mode offers it’s own setting, rules and game play style.


Spaced Out Fun

Bomb-a-thon is a mini-game in which the user must follow various, winding wires which connect to levers. Whilst the timer ticks, the user has to pull the lever which is connected to the correct wire. Each round gets harder and harder – thanks to the ever increasing speed of the timer.

Pilot Ace is an addictive mini-game which puts the user in control of a battleship. The aim is to avoid all oncoming enemy aircraft and space debris, whilst picking up barriers, stalker missiles, pulse blasts and so on. Each weapon allows you to keep your your enemies at bay, helping to rack up points in the process.

The final mini-game, War Room, places you in an epic 12 wave battle against every enemy Metal Earth has to offer. Each round gets progressively more difficult, thanks to the changing rooms and the new, more powerful enemies within them.


Based on the Metal Earth book series, the main storyline of Metal Earth: The Gray Matter is fairly interesting. Users can select pre-set character profiles, professions, planetary origins, bonus skills and armour. Each selection adds different attributes to the end character, which allows the game to play out in a unique fashion.

The game play within the main story mode is smooth and free flowing. You can guide your character to talk to NPCs, roam the map and engage in battle with enemies. The story itself is also relatively compelling and immersive. Overall, your aim is to foil the plots of the enemy, and protect the Alliance, its people and its space stations.

The Interface of Metal Earth is fairly simple and easy to navigate. In-game controls are also easy to use, even in frantic battles.

The graphics and visuals of the game are perhaps not as good as they could be. Menu buttons lack polish, textures are lacking in quality, and effects like explosions lack impact.

Final Remarks

To conclude, Metal Earth: The Gray Matter is a fun, addictive space shooter game which is full of engaging, immersive content. The mini-games alone are enough to keep you coming back for more. Additionally, the story mode offers plenty of re-playability, thanks to the different character sets and attributes a user can select.

Metal Earth offers much in terms of content, but could do better in the visuals department. Some of the graphics are underwhelming, but are thankfully not displeasing to look at. Luckily, the great game play certainly makes up for that single shortcoming.

Download Metal Earth: The Gray Matter from Google Play for $1.99 on Android devices running Android 2.1 and up.