Apple reportedly plans to introduce firsthand SIM cards that are smaller than the microSIM cards currently used in iPhone and iPad devices.  Reuters has seemingly spoken to an Orange representative who confirmed Apple is proposing a new smaller standard of SIM card. The reason? It means Apple can make slimmer devices.

How long before we see these more compact SIM cards everywhere?

Reuters noted that “a spokesman for European telecoms standards body confirmed Apple had made the proposal for the new standard for SIM cards, but a decision on starting the standardisation work, which can take more than a year, was not yet made.”

The spokesperson clarified the realistic timeframe. “This process may take some time, up to a year or more, if there is strong disagreement between industry players. However, when there is broad consensus among the companies participating in the standards committee, the process can be accelerated to a number of months.’

Guess the iPhone 5 will not be the first device to house the proposed SIM card.