Microsoft, GoDaddy Work Together On Office 365

Making the jump from the traditional Office suite to Office 365 was big for Microsoft but in a world where there are numerous free alternatives to Office, a new version of the software is being released at a cheaper price point.

Microsoft, GoDaddy Work Together On Office 365For only $6.99 per month ($69.99 per year) Microsoft is providing Office 365 Personal, a somewhat limited version of the software that still comes with 20GB of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype calls each month.

However, unlike the Home version of 365 that has already been out for a while, Personal will only allow for one desktop and one mobile device. This means that if you need to access your documents and use Office simultaneously on numerous devices then Home, which allows for 5 desktops and 5 mobile devices, is probably the better bet.

We recognize that there are households of all shapes and sizes and we’re committed to delivering the right Office for everyone – whether that be one person or an entire household. – Chris Schneider, Microsoft

Prior to this announcement, Microsoft had still been using the name “Office 365 Home Premium” but now that Personal will soon be available, that name is being shortened to “Home.”

The only major difference between Home and Personal is the limitation on the amount of devices that can be used with an individual license. Other than that, the software is identical and the other benefits (Skype and OneDrive) remain untouched.

We’re committed to delivering a great Office experience to all of our customers and believe that giving you a choice about the Office 365 subscription that fits your unique needs is one way we can do that.  We’ll have more details to share closer to availability. – Chris Schneider

Microsoft has been experimenting with other price changes as well in regards to its software with the most important being the possible introduction of a cheaper Windows operating system.

Summary: In order to better compete with cheap or free productivity suites, Microsoft has announced Office 365 Personal. The only difference between Personal and Home will be a decrease in the amount of devices that can be used with a single license. The price will be reduced to $6.99 per month.

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  1. total crap software model… once again Microsoft proves its nothing to do with quality software, its all about a continual displacement of money from your wallet to theirs. Its bad enough we have to put up with another failure of an OS, but then we have to continually pay for an unreliable office suite that is designed souly to feed the pockets of microsoft. Thankfully I left that behind and now use LibreOffice on my Mac or on linux. Think about it… you can’t backup your data in Windows 8 locally anymore… (at least not natively…) now you are forced to pay microsoft for the privilege of using their online backup service. and now they want you to ALSO pay to use their software and save your docs to their online service? no thanks… I’d rather use google, at least thats free both for the software and to backup…to a point. and even then google backup has just become really cheap.

  2. And use googledocs from any device anywhere.

    MS, seriously. they continue to squeeze every ounce out of their money makers that will inevitably die. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

    Windows 8 in an enterprise environment?

    I’d love it if MS decided to get serious about advances and took actual risks. And yet the continue to hire tech and design people that make it ugly, busy and flat as per the MS rule book. VS, actually wowing us.

    But MS has never been about wowing.

  3. Wow. LOL. This is ridiculous. Why in the WORLD would anyone want to pay $69.99/yr for limited-capability software, when Open Office (one example) is full-capability and FREE? And Google docs/drive provide immense storage space and terrific ease of use. Furthermore, 60 minutes of Skype calls a month? LOL helllooooo voice/video over IP programs/services already available for FREE.

    Ah, yet again, the Evil Empire shoots…and airballs. *smh&lol*

  4. And yes, I am a Mac girl – always have been, always will be. But I’m sure in no way does that influence my opinion of this latest pile de caca 😉

  5. GoogleDocs, Zoho, Open Office…all free, with no limits on devices. This subscription-bandwagon play by MS is dead in the water.

  6. Two things:

    1. Google, as one example, offers a wide range of fully-functioning productivity tools for absolutely free. Until Microsoft can match that price, I will never support or purchase their Office products. Seems just plain wasteful, really.

    2. It’s extremely sad that they have to summarize an article that barely scratches five paragraphs in length. Are people really that impatient/attention deficit these days?!

  7. Death throes? I think this is gonna accelerate the flight of users from the sinking MS boat whose leaks MS wants to plug with money from the gullible.

  8. Lol, I may be the only person who doesn’t hate this structure. I use Excel and PowerPoint daily and would consider myself a power user of both. In my case as of now I can’t replace Excel with Google or OO/LO as much as I would like to. So this pricing plan will probably run slightly cheaper than it currently does for me to upgrade when new versions come out. The 20gb of storage space included is laughable though they need to up that, especially with Google dropping their storage prices.

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