Microsoft Cloud Citrix
Microsoft Cloud Citrix

Microsoft and Citrix have teamed up to move more people to the cloud, so that more people use Windows 10 and Office 365. By pushing these trends, more people will use Windows Software on their Windows Mobile Phones.

In a blog post today, Microsoft spokesperson Brad Anderson released a blog about how Microsoft has made a huge move to accelerate the “digital transformation” that was foretold in the “Internet of Things” prognosis for the future. With that being said, Windows 10 is now one of the most widely used OS on the planet. Now, they’re taking a step toward putting more information on the cloud (because many large businesses are moving to do the same thing- like General Electric, according to GE Power Chief Information Officer).

Why Businesses Are Making This Switch

It might not be immediately obvious; but the cloud is the best business decision for most industries because it puts all of their information in one place, immediately. This lets them reach more customers, do more business, and share more information with employees. Now, online businesses do all of this work for other companies (like Windows and Citrix are planning on doing) providing businesses with an “as needed” style of service (hosted in Azure) for all customers.

Anderson says that this is the first time in any industry that Windows Software Assurance type software is going to be offered to customers who “host their Windows 10 Enterprise Current Branch for Businesses images on Azure through its XenDesktop VDI Solution.” Then, users can just deploy virtual apps and remote desktops running Windows 10 for customers who already use the Microsoft Cloud (OneDrive).

The project (called WS16) is Important to people who use XenApp or XenMobile because:

  • Users will have more security, including the ability to reduce threat surface area and enterprise security features in real time.
  • Enhanced identity features allow management of on-prem and cloud deployed enhancements through Azure Active Directory (AD) integration systems.
  • Better UX and graphics virtualization lets you make more of the RDS platform that Windows provides.

Microsoft says that this is the most important change for businesses because it allows an outside company like Citrix to do all the heavy lifting so that you can build your business. They also claim that security is going to be much better (because Windows 10 has been upgraded on over 4 million business devices across America, in just the Department of Defense alone). An additional 400 million people have downloaded Office 365 on business computers, mobile phones, and tablets, making it one of the biggest applications in the world- and it’s all on one place on OneDrive. This makes it way easier for people running multiple desktops all over the world; as Microsoft says, “making users productive anytime, anywhere.”