An image of the Microsoft logo.

Bill Gates did a marvellous thing. And he has been well rewarded for his effort. Microsoft is the leading operating software developer in the world. It has been in use for a long time now and it keeps on getting better. While there are a lot of people in the world who prefer other operating systems there is one particular group of people who have enjoyed the service. These are real money gamblers.

Microsoft and Real Money Gamblers

Microsoft was right there in the beginning. The first casino games in online casino australia sites were downloadable on to machines using the Windows Operating system. And for some time, the best games could be found for the operating system.

As the operating system evolved it allowed casino game developers more freedom. The result was exceptional games. By the turn of the century, the games being created offered more than casino gaming. The games were rewarding players with real money prizes and real entertainment.

Even ordinary games like blackjack and roulette got new and exciting facelifts. The games not only looked better but more interesting versions of the games had been created. Problems with glitches and other issues got ironed out as compatibility between the online casino download suite and the Windows OS were resolved.

Still the Best

While there are now casino games that can be played on any other OS, thousands of internet gamblers still prefer to use Windows-powered devices. Among the top reasons for a large number of users are the many hardware options available for the operating system.

There are now millions of people worldwide who enjoy casino games daily. The contribution to the online gambling industry by Microsoft can never be understated. The technology giant made it possible for the game developers to create the games by providing them with a platform. And you thought that the relationship only ended with the gamblers.

Microsoft offers many developer tools to game developers. This makes it easier for people to create games that are complemented by the software to give awesome real money gambling.