Surface Phone

Microsoft is expected to launch its flagship smartphone called Microsoft Surface Phone. It was rumored for a long time and now we have got more details on it.

Surface Phone

Microsoft stopped its smartphone manufacturing since the Windows phones were failed badly. Now rumors suggest that it is making a comeback with its flagship level smartphone.

Let us look at the specs and release date of the mobile.

Surface Phone specs


Microsoft is expected to have a premium looking design for its smartphone. Microsoft Surface Phone will have a metal unibody. Don’t expect fancy design from Lumia series era.

The body will be made of a single aluminum block to provide a premium look. A built-in projector is also expected in the phone.


Snapdragon 845 will power the mobile with 6 GB of RAM. Windows 10 will be used as the operating system since its Microsoft mobile phone.

Internal storage options include 128 and 256 GB. Recent news suggests that it will be a perfect alternative to Windows computer since.


Microsoft will use clear black AMOLED technology screen in Microsoft Surface Phone. The screen size is set at 5.5 inches.

ClearBlack was also used on some Lumia devices. This technology reduces the reflection and provides a great viewing experience.


Lumia devices had a good camera quality and we expect the same with this device. It will have a 21 MP back camera. There will be 8 Mp selfie camera on the front side.


There are no details about the battery capacity. However; as it will use SD 845, there would be fast charging support.
Wireless charging is also expected since it will be flagship level device.

Surface Phone release date

In 2017, there were rumors that Microsoft is going to make the announcement very soon. However; we will don’t know any date when the device will be launched.

There are no words from the company regarding the smartphone.

Recently, a little bit of code was spotted in the windows, which suggests that the announcement is near.

We will keep you updated with more info. So stay tuned and keep visiting.

  1. Yea, I certainly hope this is true. It will give the millions of Windows phone users an upgrade path, now that our current devices are getting old or damaged (e.g. the dual SIM Lumia 950s and 950XLs that all of my employees use are getting harder and harder to find). Also being able to run our win32 programs on these new phones (we understand that it will be thru emulation, and slower, but that’s much faster than not at all) will be a true game-changer for us

  2. Will the Andromedia software allow us to do things like deposit checks by phone? All the banks dropped their Windows Phone apps. Virtually every app advertised is for apple and android only. My 950 is my fourth Windows Phone and i want to stay with Windows phone but the app situation is bad and getting worse.

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