Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet

After hearing about the MacBook Pro, the Surface Pro 5 was debuted about a month before Apple announced their newest design; but Windows had an ace up their sleeves with the Surface Dock upgrade for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet.

With the latest processor from Intel (or the upcoming Kaby Lake Processor), many speculated that the newest Windows Pro would be the fastest yet; as well as providing several other important features (like the addition of a removable battery that can be charged when attached to the Surface Pro via magnetisation.

Why the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Is Worth the Money

Not only is it going to be cheaper than the MacBook Pro line; it’s also going to have a lot of really distinctive features that everyone will enjoy. While there aren’t a lot of leaks out right now about the new device, many expect the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet to succeed well beyond other Surface Pro products.

The Surface Dock and How It Will Revolutionize Your Laplet Usage

In a recent blog post (written by Rui Li, the marketing manager of Surface products) shows how most Surface users use their devices the most in airports, cafes, and everywhere else (which is why mobile devices are so popular). However, these tablet conversions from PCs often leave many users wanting more out of their devices.

That’s where the new Microsoft Surface Dock comes into play:

It revamps your ability to multitask and do a wide variety of jobs all at once.

Laplets and tablets are cool, but they’re still limited in size and capabilities. The new Surface Dock eliminates these shortcomings, giving you up to 3 screens to use to make the most out of your busy day. You can open up a plethora of windows, never switch screens, and never have to worry about any difficulties transitioning from screen to screen.

It makes everything simpler by removing plugs and adapters with just one plug to rule them all.

Without a doubt, keeping track of a wide variety of cords (Ethernet, USB, display, power, and audio cords) can get really annoying. The Surface Dock boasts simplification of your life by integrating each of these features into one easy plug that you simply connect from your Surface Pro to your Surface Connect port, and just like that you’re ready to get started working.

You’ll still be able to use the unique features of your new Surface product (like the pet and the touch screen)

Unlike a lot of other designs out there, you won’t lose any functionality on your new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet. You’ll still be able to use your fingertips to cruise through apps and control user menus. You can also easily incorporate the Surface stylus into your approach too: marking up web pages, leaving notes, or drawing things on your creative cloud.

A more elegant way for you to do more with your Laplet

One of the best aspects of the new Microsoft Surface Port is that it maximizes productivity, and provides different external monitors to help you focus on handling documentation, emulations, and applications. Plus, you can use the PixelSense feature to help hone your communications, e-mails, and web-browsing needs. You’ll get four different USB ports (to connect a mouse, keyboard, and anything else you need to use (like a USB drive) all at the same time. You don’t have to worry about unplugging anything either, you just unhook the unique Surface Connect cable, and you’re back on-the-go.

More capable of micromanaging than ever before

Your Surface Dock charges your device while it’s plugged in; while you use your Laplet to organize meetings, set up documents, or navigate important excel documents or web-pages. You never have to worry about losing power, having malfunctions, or losing saved information, because the Surface Dock takes care of it.

In Conclusion, is the Surface Dock the Next Best Thing for The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet?

Maybe you aren’t in the market for the newest Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Laplet; but you already have a Surface Book, Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4. Never fear, the Surface Dock is completely compatible. Plus, it will be available anywhere Microsoft products are sold, giving you lots of options to make your purchase (you can also find it here, on the Microsoft accessories page). If you’re curious if the surface dock will work for you, you can check out the complete FAQs here.