More than a couple people that have good things to say about the Microsoft Surface. Unfortunately for Redmond there aren’t that many and, as is becoming evident, problems with the tablet’s keyboard are starting to rise above whatever buzz had accumulated. Microsoft Surface sales aren’t particularly good and a growing chorus of user complaints won’t help with that.

According to PopHerald, an increasingly common complaint among Microsoft Surface users relates to the keyboard. Specifically, a manufacturing issue that cause the cover/keyboard to come apart at the seams.

“My Touch Cover, in the middle at the join to the screen, is peeling. Like the top layer has come loose and is ruffling up,” wrote one forum poster and this is an issue shared by many.

Granted, problems with the Surface itself have been few. Nevertheless, the defective keyboard issue frames well the news out of France where CEO Steve Ballmer says that Microsoft Surface sales have been “modest.”

Which is the bigger headline — less than stellar sales or defective hardware? Two weeks after the Surface went on sale and well through Microsoft’s $1.8 billion marketing budget, this is hardly the result Ballmer had hoped for…

What’s your take?

via MaximumPC

  1. well…usain bolt was not the fastest human at birth…..but with time….mmm, only time will tell

  2. By your logic, anyone could be the fastest human. It takes an extremely rare combination of talent, genetics, effort, discipline and years of training. Microsoft’s talent is diluted by focus groups and middle management. Their genetics come less from within and more through acquisitions of other innovative companies. Their discipline is not evident by the confusing slate of products (RT vs Pro, touch vs desktop, etc). Instead of years of training, they’ve been spinning their wheels for years and have failed to match what Apple was able to do in music players, phones and tablets. Too little, too late.

  3. so by your plan, surface should be a success in 19 years as when usain hit his stride? if microsoft were in the schooner business, that might be a plan, in the CE world, no. MS is the new Kodak.

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