Microsoft to Bring Technology and Internet to the Underprivileged
Microsoft to Bring Technology and Internet to the Underprivileged

Yesterday, Microsoft announced 12 winners of a grant called the Affordable Access Initiative Grant to connect expectant mothers with doctors, help children find education, and promote connectivity worldwide.

In a blog post, Microsoft highlighted their mission to share connectivity, music, and achievements with the rest of the world. This means providing performances that “captivate audiences and promote boundary-pushing live visual experiences.” Microsoft aims to help viewers, listeners, and fans feel like they’re at a live concert, no matter where they might be located.

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These designs and implementations could have far-reaching effects for Windows Corporation. Including the inclusion of over 6,000 at-risk children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Microsoft expects to extend this program; providing cloud support, training content, and funding for technology-related programs in the future.

This means that no matter where people live, soon they will have access to computer science training, technology, and mobile phone services no matter where they live (right now the partnership is located in Madrid, Spain in a program called the Real Madrid Foundation.
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