Windows released the Elite x3 series at the 2016 Mobile World Congress; hailing it as the first smartphone that actually doubles as a PC (when you first purchase the Windows mobile dock and Continuum device). Is this device a necessary addition or just a stinker?

With an impressive four-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (operating at 2.15 GHz), a 6 inch AMOLED screen, 4 GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and microSD expansion, and 16 MP camera, the Elite x3 looks like a great phone. With the audio speaker by Bang & Olufsen, it also sounds like a great phone. That being said, is it worth the purchase? And how likely are you to use a phone as a dedicated PC anyways?

Connecting Your Phone to Your Monitor and Improving Your Productivity

If there’s one thing that’s depressing about connectivity these days is that you can never seem to share the information from your mobile phone to your PC or vice-versa. Windows is working on bridging this gap by adding external monitors, USB-A and USB-C connectors, wired Ethernet ports, and a mobile extender to make it more and more like a laptop. What this means is that your phone can act as a bezel point (at 12.5 inches) for a “laptop-like set-up.”

Windows is Moving Away From The Traditional Smartphone

It appears that Windows is beginning to discontinue their push for regular smartphones (especially with the news of the looming decline of the Lumia phone), which could mean exciting things for new users. It could also mark a path for more expensive smart devices, as well as devices that can give you more options when you’re on the go. It even is expected to be better looking than the Lumia 950 XL (which even comes with the monitor and keyboard that you need); but there are still a lot of puzzle pieces to answer before everything is solidified.

The New Elite x3 is expected to launch in the summertime, including functionality for Windows 10 Mobile. Windows further released several videos for the new Elite x3, posting videos Microsoft Executive Terry that highlight these changes. These videos confirmed our suspicions about this new device, but hasn’t proven that it’s anything other than a bigger, more expensive Lumia phone. Windows remains vague about pricing (probably not to scare buyers off too much).


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    Nice phone or compact PC, hard to say. Could see running Visual Studio on it.

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    Until they make an x86 phone, don’t bother me.

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    G Sumner

    Author seems to be confused. MSFT has nothing to say about the pricing because the phone is made by HP.

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    Gil Harris

    apparently they did…but it failed miserably.

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    Charles - The Great and Powerf

    Very likely to use my phone as a PC. I want mcdonalds with miracast touchscreen tables that I can project my screen to and wireless charging pads with nfc that connect it automatically. Internet café style. Its a bright future. I want cars nfc qi wireless charging and miracast display panels and project my phone is a modified way for cars and stream movies to the back seats and navigation maps to my console. Its a bright future and only idiots step on innovation.

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