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Offshore workers work in dangerous environments. These workers make significant sacrifices. They are often away from their family for months. Suppose you have been seriously injured working offshore on a rig or other vessel. In that case, you need to contact our office for strategic, effective representation—the exact kind of image you deserve as an injured seaman or offshore worker.

Houston, Texas, has a robust economy that is based heavily on the oil and shipping industry. As a result, there are thousands of workers on boats, oil rigs, and harbors, with much of this work being very dangerous. Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions and care, accidents happen, and many maritime workers get injured each year.

But due to the physical nature of many of these jobs, getting injured at work is extremely costly and results in losing out on a lot of potential income. A simple on-the-job injury can result in a worker unable to pay the bills and provide for his or her family. Then on top of that, there is the physical injury itself, which may result in permanent disability, disfigurement, or prevent the individual from working in the maritime industry ever again.

What causes maritime / offshore injuries?

Not all attorneys have experience in these types of cases. It would be best if you had an offshore injury lawyer qualified to aggressively and strategically represent you in a maritime/offshore injury case. Our team at Zehl & Associates is happy to take on severe cases involving injuries on the high seas, and we are dedicated to pursuing results using our strategic and experienced approach. The sooner you get in touch with our firm to schedule a free consultation, the better. We prepare your case for trial from day one, so no matter what happens, we’re there for you!

Causes of offshore accidents:

Some causes of major maritime/offshore accidents may include:

 Crane accidents

  Electrical fires

  Slip and fall/trip and fall accidents

  Defective or broken equipment

  Diving-related accidents

  Ship collisions

  Oil spills

  Helicopter accidents

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Our lawyers have handled several cases involving maritime/offshore injuries. We’re experienced and knowledgeable, with a reputation for working hard and winning cases. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We believe in robust advocacy, and our dedication to clients enables us to win even the most challenging cases.