Minecraft Aquatic

Minecraft has recently announced the release date of Aquatic update which is going to be the last update for Legacy Console Editions. The release date of Minecraft Aquatic update is 21st June 2018. As per the Minecraft officials, they have not announced the specific date but informed in their blog post that this update will be released in Q2 of 2018 which is probably the 21st June 2018.

This update is important for many of the Minecraft players because it is going to be the last update for legacy consoles which also include Wii U. So but not for the other consoles like Nintendo, Minecraft, mobile, Windows 10, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So if you are playing Minecraft on any other station, then it is the last update of Minecraft for you.

The people who are using other console need to use the Minecraft mods in the future to get the Aquatic update or at least make to incorporate in their game with the help of Minecraft mods.

What’s new in Aquatic Update?

Graphic designing is not the only thing which is going to update in the Aquatic Update which is the name for the upcoming Java Edition version 1.13 but there could be a lot of addition. Till now we know that there would be the phantom, dolphins, turtles, drowned, new swimming animation, turtle helmet and turtle potion, tridents, heart of see, bubble columns, nautilus shell, kelp, shipwrecks, dried kelp, fish mobs, sea grass, sea pickles, coral, icebergs, nautilus shell, conduit, ocean ruins and markers on maps etc.

The graphics of Minecraft Aquatic Update has already been released on the official wiki blog of Minecraft. There is no need to install additional Minecraft mod to get all of these new graphics as they are the part of the Aquatic update.

Many people are concern about the speed of the game as some of these graphics could take time to load like icebergs but do not worry about it. The last Aquatic update has been made on the upcoming Java Edition version 1.13 which makes it possible for Minecraft to play the game smoothly without facing any glitch.

Last update of Minecraft Aquatic Update:

The recent update of Aquatic will be the final update for many Consoles like Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and previous Windows versions like Windows 7 and 8 etc. The users who play the Minecraft on these platforms will not able to see any further update in the future.

As per the Minecraft, they are disconnecting these Consoles because there are hardly 5% users who are still playing games on these platforms, that’s why they are launching the last Aquatic update for them.

Minecraft also promised the free patch for the switch players for the Update Aquatic after it has been officially released in the month of June. So, you do not need to be worried as it will be available for free in future when you choose the supported platform.