Mini Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Run Windows RT

Mini Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Run Windows RTMicrosoft recently sent out invitations to what it is calling a “small” Surface event. Given the use of the word “small” it is quite obvious that Microsoft is planning to introduce a small version of the Surface that is more in-line with the rest of the tablet market.

Now that previous reports are being listened to because of Microsoft’s hint, we may even have some information regarding what the mini Surface will be like. According to the most recent reports from sites like Bloomberg, the tablet will include a Qualcomm processor and will be running the stripped down version of Windows, Windows RT.

If that report is correct, then prices could easily be kept down since RT convertible tablets are already being released for just a few hundred dollars. In comparison, the regular Surface 2 costs $449.00. So, a $300 or $350 price tag could work out well with a smaller version of that device.

The Surface line of tablets already comes with stylus functionality but some of the most recent reports and rumors state that Microsoft will emphasize the potential applications of a high-quality stylus. Since the stylus is currently beneficial for things like note-taking, Microsoft may make a push towards education with the mini Surface.

The smaller Surface isn’t the only device that will be unveiled during the May 20 Microsoft event either. Outside of the Qualcomm-based tablet, it will reportedly introduce an Intel device. What we do not yet know is if the presumably high-end Intel tablet will be more along the lines of the Surface Pro 2 or the mini Surface. If the latter is true, then Microsoft is simply replicating its current line-up with cheaper, smaller tablets.

With an announcement and unveiling in May, the devices–whatever they may actually be–should come out around June or July.

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Summary: Microsoft will reportedly be introducing a mini Surface on May 20. The tablet will be running a Qualcomm processor and Windows RT. Another Intel tablet will also be coming out that may be an alternative to the current Surface Pro 2.

image via microsoft