The state of tablet gaming? Modern Combat 4 for iPad and iPhone isn’t perfect, but reviewers give it high marks nonetheless, saying this latest Call of Duty-like port offers console quality game play, audio and graphics. Check out five high-octane reviews, as well as the Modern Combat 4 trailer.

At $6.99, this isn’t the cheapest game available in the App Store. Nevertheless, a few notable bugs and a general lack of new stuff aside, Modern Combat 4 is making waves in the mobile gaming space with its top-notch video, graphics and — it’s just a port? — well implemented game play.

• Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is yet another solid addition to the mobile FPS franchise. It sports a lengthy single-player campaign, top-notch multiplayer content, and enough changes and tweaks to make it a worthy purchase even to people who played last year’s model. It’s clear that the developers set out to create the most Call of Duty-like title available on the App Store. Mission accomplished — Chris Reed, Slide to Play.

• We have had Modern Combat 4 running for a little while now and we have to say, this feels like one of the first games we’ve played on a tablet that can truly match a home console … There are a few bugs and the app does need one of the more recent Apple gadgets to run smoothly, but if this can be forgiven, then you have a great app here —  Hunter Skipworth, Pocket-lint.

• For first-person shooter fans, this is a no-brainer; Modern Combat 4 is the top FPS on iOS today. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any surprises at all, but every element of the game is well-polished, particularly the visuals and audio —  Simon Sage, iMore.

• While some may complain about the lack of significant improvements, I’m willing to be satisfied with the fact that Gameloft has taken a successful series and preserved the single player campaign with small changes and improvements to an otherwise well-done formula — Eric Ford, Touch Arcade.

• Modern Combat 4 might be a small step backwards but it’s still an impressive, action-packed adventure. At its best, the game offers up real moments of intense gunplay. Enemies closing in, planes flying overhead, too much panicked comm chatter, and you trying to line up the perfect sniper head shot. All while you’re on the train on your way to work —  Justin Davis, Inside Gaming News.

There is a lot to think about here, but Davis’ line “while you’re on the train” really strikes a note with me. Though my commute only involves moving from the bedroom to office, I spend a lot of time in the car that could be *cough* better spent.

Well founded criticism and enthusiastic praise — is Modern Combat a “no brainer” for you?

Modern Combat 4 for iPad and iPhone isn't perfect, but reviewers give it high marks nonetheless, saying this latest Call of Duty-like port offers console quality game play