MOHS preformed by salar hazany

What can I say about Dr. Salar Hazany that has not already been said. He is a world-renowned skin cancer surgeon. Through his many years of perfectioing, the art form that is dermatological surgery, DR. Salar has developed skills that allow him to remove skin cancer, expertly and delicately.The success rate of MOHS is always bee great. However, it always depends on the skill of your surgeon.

MOHS Los Angeles surgery is a process where in Skin cancer is removed. Hoe is that done, you ask? It is simple in concept really and difficult in practice.

MOHS was invented in the late 1930s and allows you to have your skin cancer removed. A surgeon goes into the affected area and provides treatment to the cancer by completely removing it using tools such as the scalpel, and other things that a dermatological surgeon would possess. Having a fellowship-trained surgeon to perform your MOHS surgery is key. The success of the surgery is wholly dependent on the skills of the surgeon. Dr. Salar Hazany provides unparalleled skills in this field and is located in Los Angeles.