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Published by Mobile Video Solutions CJSS, iVideon is a cloud-based remote surveillance monitoring application.

On the surface iVideon allows you to gain access to multiple IP based cameras connected to the internet. This allows you to keep an eye on the office, home, kids or even aged loved ones, while being anywhere in the world on your phone.

There have been solutions like iVideon before but none that have worked so seamlessly and are this easy to use from a mobile device.

So how does it work? Well first you need to get at least one IP camera and ensure it is setup and connected to the net. Now download the iVideon Server either for your Windows or Mac computer and follow the steps to allow it to connect to your IP Camera.

The guys at Mobile Video Solutions CJSS have provided a detailed step by step video directly on the downloads page to assist in the setup, not that its really needed considering how simple the setup wizard makes this task.

Now logon on to the iVideon Android app which by now I’m sure you have downloaded and you’re done, you have access to your camera. I say this a lot but it is actually that easy.

Just because iVideon is free for non-commercial use it doesn’t mean you don’t get all those extra features. The best one which I liked was you can record live video and start the recording only when motion is detected.

I’m sure hundreds of thoughts run through your mind when hearing this but it can make your life simple and safer just by having an IP camera pointed at your front door to check who is there at nights or pointing one at the cookie jar to see who took the last cookie.

The other great feature which stems further than just surveillance is the ability to embed a live video feed on your blog. If you are a band, sports enthusiast or an event planner and want to show your live event to the world this can easily be achieved.

Aside from my favorites, iVideon also features:
– sound recording
– video archiving
– Google Maps integration
– shared access to cameras
– embed live video on a web page
– super simple user interface to easily and quickly get to what you want when you want.

Mobile Video Solutions CJSS have done a great all round job with iVideon. The functionality and concept are all well executed and it just works, to me being able to stream video direct to mobile with minimal lag is an achievement in itself let alone having all the extra functionality. Well worth a look on the Google Play.

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