Motorola Reportedly Worked On Smartwatch Prototype For Google

There is now more evidence to back up the idea that Google is looking to come out with a smartwatch. A set of images has been released which allegedly show a smartwatch prototype that Motorola had worked on last year.

Motorola Reportedly Worked On Smartwatch Prototype For GoogleWhile we had heard about the possibility that Motorola worked on a prototype for Google, this is the first time that we may actually have proof of the prototype’s existence. The latest rumors suggest that Google may be able to come out with a smartwatch for this year’s Google I/O, but it doesn’t seem likely that Motorola’s prototype will influence the device that makes it to the market.

Now that Motorola is separating from Google however, this prototype may actually be quite important since it would signal the direction that Motorola is taking with its own smartwatch. Yesterday, Motorola actually confirmed the existence of its smartwatch, stating that it would be coming out sometime in 2014.

Rick – We are working on a watch that will be available this year. We aim to address consumer issues like style & battery life #MotoMWC– Motorola Mobility, on Twitter

The set of photos that supposedly reveal the design of Motorola’s prototype are said to have been from 2013, which means that the company may now be moving in an entirely different direction with its smartwatch.

This smartwatch was relatively basic with only a handful of buttons and a USB connector for charging, and presumably file transfers as well. Considering that the real Motorola smartwatch will be coming out nearly a year after this prototype was in the works, the finished product is likely to be completely different.

On the prototype’s display were three different settings, “Developer”, “3 Bit mode Apps”, and “Date & Time.” While the developer mode and date options are fairly self explanatory, it is still unclear what the 3 Bit mode Apps option was.

As far as Google is concerned, it is reportedly going to be working with LG when manufacturing its own smartwatch. Little is known about the Google smartwatch but a 2014 release date is plausible.

Summary: Photos of a Motorola/Google smartwatch prototype have been released. The prototype was reportedly scrapped, as Google is now going to be working with LG on its smartwatch.

Image Credit: androidheadlines

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