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When MOXY Elections News Trending Politics Voter Issues was released, we knew that it would turn out to be something special.

As it turns out, Moxy is unlike any other politics app out there. Check out our Moxy review as we run the app through its paces below.

Moxy Politics App

After downloading and updating the app on our iPhone, we opened Moxy. The non-partisan ecosystem is quite robust and there’s a huge amount of content to read, listen to and debate about.

news on MOXY

What we liked about Moxy is how the sections are arranged beautifully, and you’ll grow accustomed to the interface quickly after going through the app. The load times and browsing is snappy and you can get to where you need in just a few taps.

Upon joining you’ll be asked to enter your key interests, e.g., Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, etc. and Moxy will provide news feeds that are relevant to the one you want.

Your elected official will have his or her own profile page, complete with information, official URL link and even a built-in messaging system.

What’s impressive is the fact that there are live streams and podcasts you can access without being redirected somewhere else.

The Moxy Experience

The convenience of Moxy makes it the single must-install app for followers of politics and those who want to make a change. Whether you’re a passive voter or someone who wants to make a point and sway people, Moxy is an excellent platform. There’s even a helpful section that provides news information about upcoming laws and how it may affect you or your state once it passes.

forum and podcasts on MOXY

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another politics app that has streamlined content, a robust library and a discussion forum.

It’s worthy to note that Moxy takes reliable news and polling information from Ballotpedia, NPR and Google Civic Information, among others.

Should You Download Moxy?

Moxy is a one-stop app that can become a politics follower’s best friend. It contains everything you need to get the latest political news and information about elections and voting. The live streaming and podcast feature makes Moxy a must-download.

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