Who wants to be a VJ when you could instead be a TJ? While the name definitely leaves something to be desired, the job certainly doesn’t. MTV is currently searching for a new voice for their Twitter stream. The Twitter Jockey (TJ) search will be similar to MTVs traditional VJ (Video Jockey) role, except most of their work will be done on the web.

Twenty applicants will compete in “Wanna Be a VJ?” style throughout the summer, with the new TJ crowned on a live show August 8th.

“The hope is that this person will be dynamic, engaging and energized, an enthusiast within the social media world,” said Dave Sirulnik, the executive overseeing the contest. “Somebody who will represent the audience by taking their thoughts and questions and … through an ongoing dialogue with them, be able to bring those questions inside the walls here to the people who make MTV.”

The winner of the contest will attend MTV events, appear on-air periodically, and will reportedly be paid a six-figure salary for all their tweeting.

Do you think this is a sign of our times? Will we start seeing more and more professional tweeters?