My iStory iPhone App

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My iStory is an iPhone app developed by Apps Made Easy Limited. Boasting a shiny new interface and tons of features, My iStory is a journalling app that lets you record your daily life experiences through words, pictures, video, audio, and music.

Of special interest to photography fans, My iStory is idea for people who like to augment their diary entries with snapshots. The photos work seamlessly into the text, creating a more robust (yet private) diary experience.

My iStory iPhone App My iStory iPhone App

This diary app has a ton of features. You can use this app to create an eBook or a slideshow of a special event, add audio recordings, and even search your old entries to locate that one special memory.

Currently on Version 2.0, My iStory has been given a bit of a facelift. In addition, the app boasts a ton of new features. These include geotagging, entry date modification, passcode locking at launch, and the ability to receive optional “thought of the day” notifications that can spur your process of self-reflection.

The geotagging feature is probably my favorite new feature. This features makes this app especially appealing to people who want to use the app on a road trip, vacation, or business conference. Being able to tie memories to places is so cool.

My iStory iPhone App My iStory iPhone App

At start-up, you can delve right in to your journal, or import a bunch of photos from your camera roll to get you started. Once you’ve entered the main area, you can opt to set a passcode, review your calendar, or create a slideshow.

In short, this app has an elegant interface, tons of features, and flexible settings. Whether you need a journal for business or personal use, this excellent app is one of the better diary apps I’ve encountered on the App Store.

My iStory requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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