My Wow

We all love to see a highlight reel of our most recent vacation, or special events such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries and more.

My WOW Memories makes this happen, and without having to learn video and photo editing. Check out our My WOW Memories review to see what the app has to offer.

Create a Highlight Video with My Wow Memories

My WOW Memories is an app you can use to create a ‘best of’ montage of videos or photos you and other people took in an event.

It’s an event creation and media sharing tool that makes movie-making a snap. Aside from being a handy video montage app, it also serves as a sharing platform so you can send or receive that photo or video you really like.

You can see My Wow Memories in action in the company’s official YouTube channel to get an idea of what it offers.

My WOW Memories Features

Zero Editing Skills Needed

My Wow Memories deserves special mention as it’s an intuitive movie-creator app that has a low learning curve. This means everyone can start making their own highlight videos of special occasions that are important to them.

Since it’s an app, everything can be done from your phone thereby eliminating the hassles of transferring content and opening other editing apps.

My WOW Memories in screenshots

Robust Group Sharing Options

The app is a mini social media platform where you can invite other people in a group and start sharing pictures and videos taken during the event.

You can upload all the photos and videos you want to share, and the people in the group can download them.

My WOW Memories with easy share

Free to Use (or Subscribe for More)

Users of My Wow Memories can choose to try the app for free at the App Store.

It’s free to use ‘forever’ and allows for unlimited sharing of media. The paid option has several perks, such as no watermark, access to all music and not having to watch video ads, among others.

Should You Try My WOW Memories?

The free version is certainly a captivating catch, and the app has an auto movie maker that’s a must-experience.

Download My WOW Memories from App Store