Nancy Etz Shares Why Women’s Empowerment Is So Important?

Several kinds of discussions take place regarding women empowerment and there are many types of opinions of the people all around the world regarding this topic. In my thought for the development of any country, women’s empowerment is important. As if the women of the countries are empowered then nobody can stop that country to be developed. However, one question always popping in our minds as to how can we empower women. Although there are many ways to empower women, however, the best way is to educate the women as education plays a major role in making someone able to be independent. Therefore, try to educate the women of every part of the world and especially in those areas where the illiteracy rate is high.

Importance of women empowerment

One question often arises into the minds of the people as to why women empowerment is important, therefore in this article, let’s see what Nancy Etz shares about the importance of women empowerment. So, let’s take a look.

The evolution of civilization:

The biggest advantage of women’s empowerment is that it benefits society. If we want to make our society great, then we must also have to make the women of our country efficient as well.

Working for the advancement of women entails working for the development of a community. If a woman is educated, she would strive to educate her family as well. As a result, our country will have more skilled youth. Which can also help us to contribute to the country’s growth.

Reduction in domestic violence:

Nowadays domestic violence against women becomes very common in our society. Either it is for dowry, kids, or any other reason women are getting threatened in many of the conservative families. However, violence against women in any way is not justified and should be stopped. Not only illiterate women but many literate women are also suffering from domestic violence due to the lack of knowledge about women’s rights. Therefore, by empowering women and educate them about their rights we can simply boost the confidence of those suffered women and can make them independent in their life so that they can fight against domestic violence and can also prevent themselves from being a victim of domestic violence.

Self Independence:

In our society, sometimes it has been seen that the girls after completing their 18 years are being taunted or even sometimes are being forced to get married. Because it has been believed that a girl should get married at an early age as if she has been married in early age then her life will be secured. However, it is not true as to secure a life of a girl it is important to educate a girl and empower her to be independent. That’s why it has been believed that by empowering a girl we can make herself independent.

Poverty reduction:

If a girl is empowered then she will help her family economically. Sometimes it has been observed that whenever there is any financial problem arises in the family then the family member will start hopping from the male members of the family to overcome the financial issue. However, it is not right as both the men and women are equally able to work and earn money to contribute to their families. Therefore, such kinds of families should also empower women to contribute to them financially as if both men and women of the family earn then they can improve the living of their family members equally and can also educate their kids.