There are a lot of ways you can get through the day without charging your iPhone. Putting it airplane mode will do the trick of course. But you might as well leave the phone at home. You can carry a power bank, but that’s like carrying an extra phone. And if you’re a student, chances are, you won’t ever be able to use it for yourself anyway. There are also the infamous Mophie cases, and other like it, where the battery packs are built into the case itself. This is close to what Nanocase is, but not quite.

A major cause of power dissipation in phone batteries is due to heat. The more you use your phone, the more the battery has to work. This means that the battery heats up, and power dissipates faster. Your phone though, is quite smart, and will lower the power of the processors to prevent itself from heating up. This makes your phone slower, and isn’t really that effective at lowering the temperature as well.

Nanocase is a case maker that patented a new material that they termed NanoGtech. Nanocase claims that this new age super material will improve your battery life by 20%. It does this by cooling the battery with the NanoGtech material, made of graphene, they say.

You can buy it from Uncrate¬†for $35. The case ships for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X on the 17th of April. Don’t worry about not being able to use your wireless charging dock because the case supports that as well. The Nanocase website looks somewhat dodgy though. You can’t really go wrong with Uncrate though, so it’s hard to tell what exactly this is. Regardless, we warn our readers to proceed with caution. If worse comes to worst, Uncrate will take the case off your hands for no cost.