Netflix Attacks ISPs Over Net Neutrality

A few weeks after Netflix was forced to strike a deal with Comcast in order to make sure that videos could be streamed to users without an issue, its CEO is criticizing internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast for infringing on net neutrality. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a post on the Netflix blog that “net neutrality must be defended and strengthened.”

Netflix Attacks ISPs Over Net Neutrality Since Netflix is a business that relies on the internet and particularly, the data connection speeds that its users have, any move to limit those speeds hurts the company. Two of the biggest culprits and enemies of net neutrality have been Comcast and Verizon, both of which were directly by Hastings.

An appeals court ruling in January decided that Verizon was correct in saying that the internet, under the current laws, can not be protected in the way that Hastings would like it to be. This ruling went against net neutrality, a concept that says all internet traffic should be treated equally and should not be infringed upon because of what the traffic is.

The essence of net neutrality is that ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast don’t restrict, influence, or otherwise meddle with the choices consumers make. The traditional form of net neutrality which was recently overturned by a Verizon lawsuit is important, but insufficient. This weak net neutrality isn’t enough to protect an open, competitive internet; a stronger form of net neutrality is required. – Reed Hastings

Netflix, which is far from the most profitable internet-based company, will continue to pay “tolls” to the bully ISPs for the time being. Hastings says that the company will do this so that the customer experience does not suffer, but at the same time, Netflix will fight against the ISPs and promote net neutrality.

The FCC imposed Open Internet (net neutrality) rules in 2010 but the January decision forced the FCC to get rid of them. Now, Hastings and the leaders of other content providers are calling for new rules to be drafted and put in place so that companies do not have to cross toll roads in order to send content to customers.

Question – Is Hastings right to call for an open internet with very strong net neutrality laws?


Summary: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is calling for strong net neutrality laws that will prevent ISPs like Comcast and Verizon from slowing down traffic.

image credit: thewrap